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Broker Price Opinion Training Coming to An Office Near You! by Nicole Ocean

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Broker Price Opinion Training Coming to An Office Near You! 

Welcome Brokers, Managers and Realtors!

I am now offering 'In-Office' personalized training and consulting on Broker Price Opinions to all local real estate professionals in Washington state. Give me a call today to schedule a training session in your office today!


The Training Can Be One-on-One or for a Group.

Within my training, I incorporate lessons that are based from my own personal experience of doing BPO's full-time for the last two years as well as from my bestselling 'How to' manual on BPO's. The training session can last from 1-4 hours. After each training session, students will receive their own copy of my BPO Manual to take with them, plus they will also receive a FREE 1-year membership to my BPO and REO forum where they can access over 140 BPO and REO related topics.

What is Included in my Personalized Training?

Click Here to See a FREE 12-page Sample of the BPO Manual.

The BPO Manual offers, 60+ pages of detailed instruction, plus company names and direct links to sign up with 120+ National BPO, REO and Asset Management companies whom offer Broker Price Opinions, Property Condition reports and more.

Topics covered within the manual includes detailed instruction on: 

* What Exactly Is A BPO?
* Who is Allowed to Complete BPOs?
* Sample BPO Form
* Directory of BPO & REO Companies (13 pgs)
* Where Do I Find More BPO Companies?
* What Do I Need to Sign Up?
* How Do I Complete & Fill Out a BPO Form? (12 pgs)
* How to Get More Orders?
* Staying Organized
* Creating a File Folder System
* Setting up an Order Tracking System
* How Much Can I Expect to Make?
* When Will I Get Paid?
* Beating Out the Competition
* What Type of Equipment Do I Need? 
* Vendor Rating System
* Wrap Up

Retail Value: $55.00 

Everything you need to get started is included in this BPO Manual.


Topics covered within the BPO training includes detailed instruction on: 

  • What exactly is a Broker Price Opinion?

  • Why are they ordered and who orders them?

  • How much you can expect to make and when you'll get paid.

  • Looking at and understanding the various BPO forms.

  • How to correctly fill out a BPO form from start to finish.

  • Which companies to sign up with to become a BPO Agent.

  • Ways to organize, manage and track your orders.

  • How to beat out the competition.

  • What type of equipment will you need and how to use it.

  • How to sign up and what to expect when you first get into the BPO business.

  • Understanding Quality Assurance and the Vendor rating system.

  • How to get REO's from doing BPO's.

  • A 'Q & A' section at the end of class.

  • Plus, so much more!

Students will leave my training session with a solid foundation into the business and will understand the fundaments of the BPO business as well as have everything that they need to get started in the business right away!

The BPO Training Class Cost:

1-Hour Class  

$150/ Per Person*


4- Hour Class  

$250/ Per Person*


One-on-One Coaching  



Remember the BPO Manual ($55.00 Value) will be included for each person that attends the BPO training class. Plus they will also receive a  FREE 1-year membership to my BPO and REO forum where they can access over 140 BPO and REO related topics. ($39.99 Value)
*dependant on your office location and any travel expenses that are required. A minimum class size may be required for any training class outside of Whatcom and Skagit counties.

**One-on-One Coaching  may be used either over the phone or with me coming to you. The BPO Manual and access to the BPO & REO forum will need to be purchased separately and will not be included in the hourly fee.

A deposit will be required up-front to ensure securing your place within the currently scheduled classes. The remaining payment will need to be paid at the beginning of the class session.


(Sample Screenshot from my BPO Manual)

(Students will receive a bound paperback book like the ones above for free at the start of class. Retail Value: $55.00)

Why Should You Work With Me?

  • PhotoI have done BPO's full-time for the last 2 years and real estate sales for 3 years.
  • I've been fortunate to have worked with over 30 BPO, REO and Asset Mgmt companies
  • I have been training other real estate professionals on BPO's since 2007.
  • I have helped teach over 1,700 real estate professionals about the BPO business.
  • You can actually pick up the phone and speak with me (360-223-2482)
  • I reply back to all emails that are sent to me (sales@nicoleocean.com)
  • I offer a FREE 1-Year Membership to my BPO/REO Forum where there are over 140 BPO & REO topics.
  • I have sold over 600 BPO Manuals and over 1,200 total eBooks
  • My information is kept up-to-date and is updated frequently
  • I've worked hard to receive a 100% Feedback rating from my past customers.
  • I give a 100% Money-Back Guarantee (If you are not satisfied with my class you will receive a full refund)




BottomLeft Phone number: 360-223-2482 | Email : sales@nicoleocean.com BottomRight
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