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"Learn Which Companies Threaten That They Will Fire You if You Use Auto Accept Software," by Nicole Ocean

In case you are not aware of me or what I do, my name is Nicole Ocean. I am a certified real estate instructor here in Washington state. Plus, I've am also in the BPO and REO business and help educate others all over the U.S. about the BPO and REO business.

Within the business side of my life, I've got three main passions. The top one is to help educate, inform and train others in the BPO and REO business about Broker Price Opinions. The second is being lucky enough to be as much involved in the BPO business as I possibly can. Lastly, helping spread the word about how BPO and REO agents can streamline and grow their businesses by using automation software.

Before moving on any further, let me also quickly tell you thanks for taking the time to read this blog. My intention in writing this is to help you learn more about exactly which companies have taken a stand against continuing to let their BPO and REO Agents use Auto-Accept tools or software to automatically retrieve more BPO orders.

Over the last year that I have been blessed to be an authorized reseller of iMacros software. Nine months ago, I perfected an auto-accept feature within the iMacros software where our clients can use an auto-accept macro that we custom make for them, for any company that we have an auto-accepts macro available.

Many of our clients jumped on board by hiring us to custom make macros to fill in the data entry side of their Broker Price Opinion and REO orders. Plus, many also order our custom made auto accepts. (So far we have auto-accepts for dozens of BPO and REO companies out there and are adding more each week.)

On this note, I want to specifically point out something important to you. Our opinion at the BPO Automation Group is that the auto-accept feature is seen as a bonus to what we are able to provide to our clients. We fill that the auto-fill side of our business is our main focus and our 'bread and butter.' (In fact, people that use our signature 'one click' macro find that it is almost as good as finding a long-lost hidden treasure chest at the very bottom of the deepest part of the ocean.)

Within the last few months we have seen how a few specific companies made an announcement to all of their BPO and REO vendors.

Thankfully, our clients have helped to keep us up to date about 3 companies in that have specifically requested that their BPO and REO vendors not use any type of auto-accept tool or software. 

The main premise of their announcement (that was sent out specifically by eMortgage Logic, Mark to Market and REOtrans.com,) was this warning:

If they find out that you are using an auto-accept tool, software or outside company (such as: BPO Hunter) where you gain more orders and are able to accept more orders automatically, they have threatened that they will fire you.

I've personally had dozens of conversations with some of our customers and various anonymouse people in the business who called in to share their own personal experience with this particular issue.

What I've heard the most from these people was three main things:

  • These companies are watching and using technology to try to prevent people from continuing to auto-accept orders(People have mentioned that they track your IP address to see how often you are logging in. If they see that your specific IP address is logging in every minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this is a tip off that no human in the world could do this feat). Once they caught someone doing this, they will call you on it, then proceed to shut you down. I have heard that they will give you one more opportunity to continue to work for them if you get caught.


  • Some people are still using auto-accept tools or software for EML, M2M and REOtrans, even though they know they shouldn't continue using within their sites.


  • Most people don't think it's fair when they consistently see themselves being beaten out of countless of opportunities to get broadcast BPO orders. I always try to mention when talking to people about this, that they may not be aware of this, but people in the BPO and REO business have been using both the auto-accept tools and software for years, it's just now that the secret is officially out!

I'm not sure if all of this is a trend, but I can tell you that I've always felt that it would be more beneficial if each company that assigned BPO's would give out BPO orders to agents based on their rank and rating, instead of broadcast their orders to the masses.

Please let me know your thoughts, opinions and questions about anything within this blog! I'm here to help, just let me know how I can serve you!


 Nicole Ocean

 BPO Automation Group/Nicolesdreams eBooks

 Certified Real Estate Instructor/BPO Trainer




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In case you are not aware of me or what I do, my name is Nicole Ocean. I am a certified real estate instructor here in Washington state. Plus, I've am also in the BPO and REO business and help educate others all over the U. S. about the BPO and REO… more
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