BPO Automation Group's Blog: September 2009

BPO Automation Group is Fast Becoming the Industry Leader in BPO Automation Software

Hi there everybody,

 My name is Nicole Ocean, co-owner of BPO Automation Group and President of Nicolesdreams eBooks. You may have heard all of the buzz recently about auto-accept software and BPO automation software that helps BPO and REO Agents automate the data entry side of their BPO orders and monthly reports for their REO properties.

 I'm extremely excited with how the BPO Automation Group has quickly become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to helping BPO and REO agents automate and streamline their businesses.

 Some of the ways that we stand out is in the fact that I am a certified real estate instructor and BPO trainer. I've done BPO's full-time for years and still am in the business to this day. I know the business because of being in the business. I personally use the automation software (iMacros) and our own in-house software application called the Auto Accepter for my own BPO orders. (There is no way I'd do an order without it anymore!)

 I started this company by taking things upon myself and learning everything from the ground up. I'm the type of person that enjoys learning how everything works. Because of this, it took me about 6 months to teach myself the iMacros software and how to apply it to automate filling in BPO and REO orders as well as how to apply the concepts and features within the software to create auto-accept macros. Let me also mention that I am not a programmer, but after a year of investing myself I feel like I have become an expert at the iMacros software.

 Within the last month our team has put together amazing tools that have helped advance our business and be able to offer amazing solutions to issues such as: MLS data clean up (Check out our MLS Tune Up tool!), custom macro creation for Word based BPO's, as well as monthly marketing reports [MMR's for your REO properties} custom data extraction, and lots more. We have even been able to help out appraisers too!

 One of our biggest advances we made recently is by being able to offer our complete directory of over 115+ master macros for 35+ BPO and REO companies. All of our customers have access to use any or all of the macros that we offer right away as they need them. We are able to offer this within our Sync Tool.  We often get asked if our system is compatible with a certain MLS, we now can guarantee that our system is compatible with any MLS and I do mean ANY MLS! (Plus, if we don't have a company you need macros for we will create it for you for no extra charge! We are adding more companies, more macros and auto-accept macros to our directory every few days).

 Other ways that we strive for excellence is by offering the absolute best products and solutions available anywhere. We also have a high regard in providing the best customer service experience possible for our customers. (We have a team of 7 people and are expanding to a new office to help keep up with the demand).

 I'd like to personally invite you to check out our website or to sign up for a live demonstration that we put on each week. Come join me on Friday's at 10 am PST as I showcase our signature 'one-click' macro, how we work, what to expect and show you how you can benefit from hiring us to help automate and streamline your BPO and REO business.

When people sign up with us they get their life back! Stop working nights and weekends on BPO and REO reports. Check in automating your business. Please take a few minutes to stop by our website and watch a demo to see how easy it can be to take your business to the next level and take control over your time for good!


Nicole Ocean

Certified Real Estate Instructor/BPO Trainer




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