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All Auto Accept Software Providers Are NOT Created Equally.

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Auto Accept Software & Technology Has Come a Long Way!

   BPO Automation Group has been and continues to be at the leading edge in developing auto-accept technology to capture BPO orders since starting the business in April of 2009.  From time to time we see and hear about this same technology put in play by a number of competitors in the marketplace.  We also are aware of the stated concerns of the BPO companies themselves as to the impact of auto accept software and technology that is currently being used in the BPO and REO industry. We are also knowledgeable about the concerns that individual agents have regarding the use of this technology to capture orders.

  Historically, the reason that we developed this technology was because of the huge demand by real estate agents who were either unable to capture orders on their own (in sufficient quantity to make a living) and/or were unwilling to spend the significant time every day to continually 'refresh' their computers manually to capture orders.  I remember speaking to an agent in Chicago who was spending about 4 to 6 hours capturing orders every day, followed by several additional hours actually getting the BPO's completed. She was aggressively refreshing her computer screen manually as fast as she could to the point that her prime company contacted her and fired her.  The BPO company claimed that she was using an auto accepter, which she wasn't at the time, but was fired for being too aggressive. You know, usually aggressive people in any walk of life, are rewarded for their diligence-not fired!  As a result of this particular agent being fired, she began using our auto-accept technology and has been able to virtually walk away from the onerous task of capturing orders to use the 4 to 6 hours actually doing a higher volume of BPO orders rather than sit passively in front of her computer screen trying to capture the orders herself. 

   We have seen hundreds of people who have similar experiences and absolutely hate the huge time involvement trying to capture orders unsuccessfully on their own. Picture if you will a factory that can turn out 100 new automobiles each day and compare it to the efficiency of a single person trying to build a car manually.  Why would anyone choose to build their own car with automation technology that can get the job done in a small fraction of the time?  For the same reason it makes sense to employ auto-accept technology to efficiently capture BPO orders!  We responded to the demand for technology that could effectively and quickly capture BPO orders BUT we did so in a manner that respects both the needs of the BPO agent and the needs of the BPO providers.  Please read on...

   The two major complaints that we hear about by BPO providers is the fact that auto-accept technology plays havoc with their servers due to the huge load placed on it and to the desire for agents to make an informed decision about the order, it's location, due date, pay, etc. before the order is captured rather than afterwards.  Point of fact, most auto-accept technology, as provided by our competitors, ignores both of these issues.  An auto-accepter could be configured to log onto a server checking for available BPO orders as often as once every second, OR EVEN FASTER. We have chosen to limit our software 'refresh rate' to the maximum of once every 10 seconds.  The result is that our software doesn't put a huge load on the BPO providers, but it does result in our customers capturing fewer orders than the much faster technology.  We could employ it, but don't.  It was rewarding to find out recently that BPO agents were being fired by one of the major BPO providers in the nation due to the irresponsible load that their auto-accepter was placing on their server, but our customers were not fired!  Why did we put a limit on our refresh rate?  Because we did not want to adversely impact any BPO providers and interrupt the capability of their servers to work efficiently in the marketplace. By the way, a number of our competitors have developed software that defeats the security captcha codes as used by some BPO providers. Our customers asked us to also provide our technology that could defeat captcha codes, BUT we opted not to do so. If a BPO company has utilized a security feature to keep out auto accept technology we respect that BPO companies decision.

   The problems that BPO providers have with agents accepting too many orders or canceling unacceptable orders due to the use of auto-accept technology is a fact with most of our competitors, BUT not us!  You see, our auto-accepter has built in features and capabilities that puts the BPO agent in charge of quantity of orders desired and numerous other discerning factors as well.  Not only can BPO agents using our technology set our auto-accepter, on a daily basis, to capture only a certain volume of orders, but it can choose which orders to accept to the same discernment capability as if the agent was manually capturing each and every order themselves.  Our auto-accepter, we call it Order Central, will limit orders captured based on the type of order (drive-by, internal, external); amount of pay for the order, and location of the order. Order Central does not blindly capture any and all orders but makes it possible for each individual user to define what is an acceptable order and only capture those that meet the pre-defined criteria. As a result, agents using our technology should never need to cancel an order that the software has captured.

   In conclusion, not all auto-accepters have the same functionality and thereby should not be treated and/or respected in the BPO industry in an 'across the board' fashion. Our software enables the BPO agent to focus on the quality of the order itself, not on the tedious chore of trying to manually capture the orders or review the orders one-by-one that are desired.  Spending hours each day trying to capture orders is a thing of the past and agents using 'smart' auto-accept technology enjoy a better lifestyle because of it, less stress, and typically more income. This is a win/win between the agent and our company. Employing a small server load and providing tools to the agent to only accept orders that are desired and can be completed on time is a win/win between the BPO providers and BPO Automation Group. An agent who, for whatever reason, cancels orders or doesn't deliver a quality BPO within the designated time span doesn't place enough thoughtfulness to the providers who depend on them for meeting their internal needs and goals.  A BPO provider who requires agents to spend hours each day manually capturing orders doesn't respect the needs of the agents. Why shouldn't the provider want the BPO experience from start to finish to be as easy and quick as possible for the agent? At the BPO Automation Group we are dedicated to a complete win/win relationship between the providers, agents and our technology. Remember that all Auto Accepters are NOT created equally!



Steve Lorimer

Co-Owner | BPO Automation Group

360-223-2482| steve@bpo-automation.com

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All Auto Accept Software Providers Are NOT Created Equally.
Auto Accept Software & Technology Has Come a Long Way! BPO Automation Group has been and continues to be at the leading edge in developing auto-accept technology to capture BPO… more