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Are You Working for the "Right" BPO Companies?

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 "Are You Working for the "Right" BPO Companies?"

People I talk with often ask me "What are the best or the "right" BPO companies to be signed up with?" I get asked this question a lot and people want a lot of advise on this topic.

So let me share my two cents with you for free in hopes that it helps you in some way!

Before I get started, let me mention a little about myself in case you are not familiar with me or who I am. I have worked for over 35+ different BPO and REO companies in a 5 year span from 2007-2012 and performed over 1,000 BPO reports as well as have had a BPO processing team spanning two counties. I am also the founder BPO University and BPO Automation Group LLC.

My Advice:

1. I know about the Top BPO Mills in the industry by personal experience and have seen how companies have evolved these last 6+ years. Some companies have disappeared, some have merged with bginger companies, some have gone bankrupt and some power house companies are still here, untouched and still rocking the show!

My Top 5 BPO Mills for 2013 Are:

1. LPS-LSI Division

2. Clear Capital

3. eMortgage Logic

4. Proteck

5. Altisource 

Honorable mention goes to: CoreLogic and Residential Real Estate Review

My question for you now, "How many of these companies are you signed up with and receiving orders from?"

Let's move on and use the above companies to help understand why they are the top companies to work for now!

Some of you might be asking how I know that these companies are the best? Here's a few reasons and things for you to research.

I based my answers on:

1. Accurate statistics that I pulled from our Order Central Auto Accept software.

2. From my own personal experience and that of our customers, so from our combined experience.

3. I looked at how many forms a companies has thus knowing how many clients that have or have had at one point. As an example: LPS LSI Divison has over 30 different BPO forms, Clear Capital has over 20 different BPO forms and such. This is one indicator to pay attention to when wondering how big a company is.

4. I researched how many employees a BPO Mill has. As an example: eMortgage Logic has over 120+ employees. Source: http://www.inc.com/profile/emortgage-logic

5. I researched how much income the company has generated recently. Pro Teck Valuation Services has generated $52.7 million dollar of income in 2012. Source: http://www.inc.com/profile/pro-teck-valuation-services

In my next blog I will be breaking these companies apart by size, income level, growth in the last 3 years, ranking, how many employees they have, how long they have been in business and such so you can make sure you are working for the companies that matter!

I'd love to hear your comments or any feedback you may have.


Nicole Ocean

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Are You Working for the "Right" BPO Companies?
Education Announcement • December 15, 2013 Learn More About BPOA The Leader in BPO Automation Software Since 2009 "Are You Working for the "Right" BPO Companies? " People I talk with often ask me "… more