BPO Automation Group's Blog: Clear Capital Review - By: Your BPO Coach - Nicole Ocean

Clear Capital Review - By: Your BPO Coach - Nicole Ocean

Clear Capital

Clear Capital Review

This is my most favorite BPO company within the cut-throat, fast paced BPO & REO industry, so I’m giving them special treatment as being the very first company that I review.

While I was in the BPO business from 2006-2011, I worked for Clear Capital. I saw a tremendous amount of change and improvement throughout this time and even today I continue to see how they have evolved into the being the ‘Top BPO company’ to many. I think that they definitely deserve that title, they have earned it!

See below for a detailed breakdown and review of this great company. Also, check out our free list of more BPO and REO companies here.

Company Name: Clear Capital

Nicole’s Overall Grade: A+

Year Company Established: 2001

Company Size: 201-500 employees

Annual Revenue: $100-$500 million

Sign-up Website Address: https://www.clearcapital.com/join-us/broker-application/

BPO Dept. Phone Number: 530-582-5011

Type of Work Offered: Residential and Commercial BPO’s and Appraisals

Accepting New BPO Vendors: Yes

Special Sign-up Requirements: None known

Order Volume: High

Broadcast or Auto-Assign Orders: Broadcast BUT using a Seniority Broadcast System, see notes.

BPO AutoFill Available: Yes

Form Difficulty (If done by hand): Medium

Number of Forms: 20

Background Check Required: Yes

Uses NABPOP: Yes

Average Payout Amount (Exterior): $40.00

Average Payout Amount (Interior): $85.00

Typical Payment Turnaround Time: 30 days

Preferred Vendor Program: Seniority System

Customer Service Location: USA

Customer Service Rating: Excellent

Quality Control Rating: Strict

Nicole Worked For Them: Yes

Notes: Again this is my absolute, most favorite BPO company! They have the best platform, customer service and track record in the industry. They broadcast new orders based on a seniority system that has a time limit to accept new orders. Those with the highest rating/score, the closest to the property and the longest time working for them get first dibs. If they don’t want an order it stays in their queue and goes to the next highest rated BPO vendor until someone finally accepts it. It may be hard to get orders from them for awhile when you are new.

(Please note: we are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the above listed company.)

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